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Client Forum Summary

"Targeting Your Tuition Assistance Program" was the focus of EdLink's most recent Client Forum, held on Tuesday, July 13th. In addition to our online forum, hosted from EdLink's Chicago offices, two of EdLink's client companies hosted regional in-person forum events to engage attendees around the country. EdLink's CEO, John Zappa, and Relationship Manager Mindy Mettner, attended the west coast meeting in Seattle. EdLink's VP for Sales & Marketing, Lynn Schroeder, and Relationship Manager Jolene Sullivan, attended the East coast meeting in Boston.

Many of our clients participated and shared examples of inventive ways to target tuition programs to assist employee development in critical skill areas. One company is supporting selected employee groups to attend specialized Master’s Degree programs through additional benefit levels.  Another company is considering allowing specialized technology certificates to develop critical skill areas, and another has created customized programs by partnering with educational institutions.

We also shared information about new methods for capturing and reporting on benchmarking data across tuition programs to assist our clients in making decisions pertaining to their tuition programs.  We also discussed new enhancements to our Client Administrative Interface based on the feedback and suggestions from our clients. Our next Client Forum will be in early November.


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